Why We Think Mobile Applications Are Here to Stay

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Telephone, invented as a device for communication, is now considered as an essential part of everyday lives of people around the globe. The mobile technology today is so advanced that it doubles up as a substitute for a multitude of devices used in the earlier times like a calculator, an alarm clock, a music system, a television and even a computer! When internet was added to this equation, a whole new era dawned. The new generation is connected 24X7 and they do everything online.

The chat, shop, work, conduct businesses, organize, plan and travel and even important conduct meetings using their telephones. The mobile revolution revolutionized every industry and business sector in its wake. In a time and age where businesses are creating innovative mobile applications for their businesses to stay relevant, it is crucial to have a digital presence that is optimized for mobile platforms. A mere mobile-friendly website doesn’t make the cut anymore. Why? Because statistics say that today more than 70% visitors to a website use their mobiles and other handheld smart devices to access your website’s content.

In the UK alone, eight million people access the internet using their smart handhelds every day, according to Google. This means that you need a well defined mobile strategy which not only ensures customer satisfaction, but also goes a long way in building your brand image. Having a mobile app for all the different operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows also helps.

A wide variety of mobile apps are available for various purposes including communication, messaging, entertainment, games, business management, education, social networking, etc. Most industries in the service sectors like banks, food delivery networks, fast food chains, libraries, etc today get innovative and unique mobile apps to stay connected with their customers.

Statistics say that a lot of mobile companies in Essex have been at the frontier of mobile app design and development. It is important to understand the business implications of an app development project as there are a multitude of factors involved like recognizing the audience, prioritizing on the features, calculating the time, cost & risk factors involved, etc. Seeking help from professional app developers is the easiest and most convenient way of ensuring a smooth project implementation.

In this time and age where everyone is eager to get everything done on-the-go, it certainly does not come as a surprise that mobile applications help achieve a faster rate of business growth and also allow businesses to reach out to an ever increasing customer base. So what is your business waiting for? Go mobile!

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